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"Dr. Williams has been taking care of our health needs for years. He understands that our goal is wellness for the entire family."
James Williams, DC, CCSP, DACNB - chiropractic neurologist
Are you injured...are you in pain?   Every day Dr. Williams helps people with neck and back pain, headaches, and other related conditions of muscles and joints.  You will want to check out our well equipped rehab center. We are certified by the Ohio BWC to treat worker's compensation cases. Have you been injured in an auto accident? Are you an athlete with a sport related injury. Dr. Williams is a certified sports physician and understands the special needs of the athlete.

Are you interested in health and wellness? We love "well care." We understand that the solution to the healthcare crisis is to stay well. Visit our services page and learn more.

Do you think you have a "pinched nerve"? Dr. Williams is a specialist in the field of neurology and is certified to perform diagnostic nerve testing. He has over 20 years of experience in treating difficult conditions including sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, vertigo and dizziness, and even brain based disorders. Click on Dr. Williams to learn more.

Does your child suffer from AD/HD,OCD, Dyslexia, or Autism? Dr. Williams is a board certified neurologist with hundreds of hours of training in the diagnosis and treatment of this spectrum of disorders. 

Why choose Dr. Williams? Visit Dr. Williams' page and learn more about his training and experience.

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